Frequently Asked Questions

General Information:

What is Women2Women?
Women2Women is an international leadership conference for rising female leaders. During this conference they will gain the skills they need to be successful negotiators, public speakers, and advocates for change in the world. Over 100 girls from 30 countries come every year to exchange ideas, share cultures and build friendships that last a lifetime. By the end of the conference, delegates create an “action plan,” a course of action to tackle a key women’s rights issue in the delegate’s home country.

Where is Women2Women?
Women2Women is held every year in Boston, MA United States. For the past several years, it has been based at Wheelock College. Delegates stay in the Wheelock dorms during the week of the conference and travel to program activities.

How long is the program?
The 2017 program is 10 days (including travel days) — Sunday, July 23 to Tuesday, August 1, 2017.

How many applicants are selected to participate?
Each year we select up to 100 applicants.

Applying to the Conference:

Who can apply to Women2Women?
Emerging female leaders between the ages of 15 and 19 are welcome to apply. We welcome applicants of from every country and from all ethnicities, religious backgrounds and socioeconomic status. We are looking for young women who have demonstrated leadership abilities through academics, service, international experience or volunteer involvement.

Is there a cost for the program?
Yes. The cost for the week of the program is $2,800 + airfare. The program fee covers all food, housing and transportation costs as well as fees for speakers, activities, workshops and conference materials. For international students, the fee also covers travel health insurance.

Are there scholarships?
There are a limited number of scholarships available for students in need of financial assistance. Please write in your application why you need a scholarship and we will consider all requests. If you do not receive a scholarship and still wish to participate, you must pay the $2,800 + airfare by the deadline indicated for payment.

Is GPA a factor in the application process?
No. However, we look for well-rounded, hard-working applicants.

Do you have to be fluent in English to apply?
We require that delegates have a strong grasp of the English language in speaking and listening.

Can I apply if I have applied before?
Yes, you can apply again. However, you may not apply again if you have already participated in the program. If you would like to come back as an intern, please see our Internships and Volunteer Opportunities.

What types of activities make up the program?
There are many lectures from established professionals and entrepreneurs working in the fields of law, politics, arts, sciences, and nonprofits. Delegates will have the opportunity to network and ask questions with these individuals. In addition, there are many fun cultural activities in the evening. By the end of the conference, delegates will have developed an action plan that they will present to a panel of experts at the Massachusetts State House for feedback.

Travel and Transportation:

Do you have to have a passport?
International students must have a valid passport to participate in the program, as well as the appropriate Visas. Empower Peace does not facilitate or cover the costs associated with obtaining a passport or visa.

Do I have to pay for my own visa?
Yes. Empower Peace does not cover visa fees.

What type of Visa should I get?
Delegates should obtain a B-2 Tourist visa to enter the United States.

Will someone meet me at the airport in Boston?
Yes. One of our Empower Peace staff members will be waiting for you at your terminal holding a large “Women2Women” sign.

How do I get from the airport to Wheelock College?
We will have a bus to pick up delegates from the airport and bring them to the dorms at Wheelock University.

Will you pay for my luggage fees?
No. You are responsible for any and all luggage fees. Please check with your airline carrier before you leave about baggage allowances and weight restricitions. We recommend only bringing what you can carry.

During the conference:

What is the weather like? What should I bring?
The weather in Boston is generally very hot in the summer, but can change quickly into rain. We recommend bringing an umbrella, clothes that you feel comfortable in, shoes that you can walk in, and a nice outfit for special events. Bringing lots of layers can be a practical way to ensure that you will be prepared. Some girls like bringing pictures of their countries, families, and/or friends to show, or bring souvenirs from their country to give out to other delegates. Many delegates bring their cultural dress as well.

Will I have a roommate?
Yes, you will have a roommate from another country. We do not take roommate requests.

Can I visit family and friends in the area while I am attending the conference?
As a delegate, you are required to attend all program activities. During your limited free time, you are able to see family and friends. You must clear this visit with a staff member.

Do I have to attend all program activities?
Yes, absolutely. As a W2W delegate you are required to attend and participate in all conference activities. If for some reason you are not able to attend due to an illness, you must notify a staff member.

Do I need to bring any money?
If you would like money to go shopping or buy souvenirs, you are more than welcome to. However, all food, housing, travel, conference materials and other necessities will be covered.

Will we have free time during the conference?
There will be limited free time during the day and in the evening, with a curfew at night.

Are there places nearby to go shopping?
Yes. We are located in the Fenway area of Boston, near a Target, Marshall’s, Best Buy, as well as a number of restaurants and cafes. Using public transportation, some girls often like to go to Newbury Street where there is an H&M, Forever 21, Sephora, and more.

I want to keep in touch with my family and friends while I am in the US. Are there computers I can use to email?
Yes, there are computers available in several of the building on campus as well as the Campus Center.

Will there be chaperones during the Conference?
We have Empower Peace staff members with Conference participants during the entire Conference. Staff members live in the dormitories with the students during the Conference.

I want to call home to talk to my family and my cell phone does not work in the United States.
You may want to purchase a calling card to call home. Calling cards can be purchased in Boston or you can purchase a calling card online from sites such as www.CallingCards.com and www.Rebtel.com.

Action plans:

What is an action plan?
An action plan is a course of action that the delegate will implement in their home country to address the issue that they find as the most relevant to women in their area. Delegates will come up with both short-term and long-term steps to take, as well as identifying people to connect with, local resources, and potential challenges and solutions.

Do I need to create my action plan before I come?
It is great to have some general ideas before arriving. During the Conference there will be workshops that will help you to create your action plan. There will be time in the schedule to allow you to work on and refine your plan before you present it at the end of the Conference.

What if I don’t have a good idea for an action plan?
You will! If you don’t come up with an idea before the conference, our speakers and the other delegates will surely inspire you. Additionally, there will be alumnae staffing the conference that will be available to help with ideas or feedback.

Can I work with other participants on my action plan?
Absolutely! Delegates from the same country can form a partner or group plan. However, we ask that delegates from different countries do NOT pair up, as the relevant issues and implementation methods vary greatly between countries.

Will I have to follow up after the conference on my action plan?
Yes. We will send out a questionnaire after the conference and in December send a form for you to fill out on your action plan progress. The Empower Peace staff is always available to answer any questions that you may have about your action plan when you return home. Remember to reach out to your fellow Women2Women participants with questions they may have. They can provide feedback and guidance as you fulfill your action plan.

If you have additional questions please email Tricia Raynard at traynard@empowerpeace.org.